VIA - Virtual Imagination Assistant+

VIA is a full-service technology management and gamification of marketing service that can be easily added on to an...

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Gamification Mastery Certification Program Payment Options

Become the go-to resource in your industry for Gamification mechanics, production and implementation. From gamifying ...

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1-ON-1 Imagination Engineering Sessions

Dan Fowler has opened up a few 1-ON-1 spots to work with him personally. These sessions will focus on the 6 Steps to ...

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Online Course Launch Automation

*NOTE: This program configuration is for a 6 Month package. Dan Fowler and The Imagination Institute, Inc. have wo...

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1/2 Page Full Color Ad in the Event Workbook

With this sponsorship, you will receive a Full Color 1/2 page ad in the workbook that everyone uses at the event and ...

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A Digital On-Screen Ad in our Vendor Area

Your offer, your info and your contact information all nicely displayed on a digital banner ad that will play non-sto...

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IIQ Board Game Evening Sponsorship

Get up to 30 minutes to speak and present to IIQ attendees who come back after dinner to play the Imagination IQ Boar...

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Your Logo On Our Take Home Event Bag

Logo on ALL the bags AND receive "on-stage" promotion for you and your business so attendees can connect with you at ...

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VIP Reception Sponsorship

Have an opportunity to speak for 20 minutes to our VIP group during the reception and be promoted by Dan Fowler ...

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Sales/Promotion Booth in our Vendor Area

Have your business promoted at the event with your own 6 foot vendor table and room for vertical banners on either side.

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Gamification Marketing Mastery (GMM)

Designed for first time and seasoned entrepreneurs, business owners looking to gain advantage in the marketplace an...

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Imagination IQ Board Game Night

We will be playing the revolutionary game: Imagination IQ that is based on the curriculum from the 3-Day Epic Event...

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