Imagination IQ Board Game Night

We will be playing the revolutionary game: Imagination IQ that is based on the curriculum from the 3-Day Epic Event...

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Online Course Creation and Multimedia Marketing Platform

We will take you from soup to nuts on building your dynamic online membership site presence. No prospect will be le...

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Imagination IQ Board Game

This game, particularly the game board, is a portal for your mind to see yourself as the BEST possible version of Y...

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Imagination IQ Epic Event Experience Tickets

2 WAYS TO EXPERIENCE THE MAGIC! NUMBER ONE: General Admission to all teaching sessions and experiential activ...

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Gamification Summit - Mastering the "Choose Your Own Adventure" Attraction Model

New Gamification Event Series on how to implement the "Choose Your Own Adventure" marketing model to your funnels, ...

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Manifesting is more SCIENCE than it is WOO WOO

Remove The Guess Work From Setting Powerful Intentions Coached directly by Dan Fowler on how to use your Manifes...

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Imagination IQ - Panelist Options

Get a coveted spot on one of Dan Fowler's Imagination IQ Panels! Imagination IQ Panel Spot - PANEL & DISP...

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Rewrite Your Story, Reshape Your Life - Ebook

"Rewrite Your Story, Reshape Your Life" Each chapter has an exercise at the end so you can begin to embody the wisd...

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Manifest On-Demand Program

Here's a summary of EVERYTHING YOU WILL GET in Your Manifest On-Demand Course: 6 ENERGIZING VIDEOS, INCLUDING: ...

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Dan's Decrees - 29 Week Wisdom Course

Welcome to Dan's Decrees! Every week you will receive a BRAND NEW DECREE from Dan Fowler on a variety of topics from...

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7 Pillars of the Perfect Story - Lead prospects to an emotional buying decision

Your STORY is what attracts clients Having video and audio on your website is great, but is your message clear? Do...

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